Nature Knows
The theme of the Golden Pin Design Award 2018 Grand Ceremony is ‘Understanding Nature: The Path to Sustainability’. The key to a user-friendly and natural approach lies in nature itself; that is, sustainability. This Golden Pin Design Award event conveys the wisdom of Asia’s harmonious co-existence with nature since ancient times, unearthing design ideals centered on people and the environment.

Directed by Bito
Client:Taiwan Design Center
Creative Director: Keng-Ming Liu
Art Director:HsiJen Liu 
Producer : Tammy Liu
Account Manager:Naiyun Peng
Ideation:Chya Hsu / HsiJen Liu
Storyboard :Chya Hsu /  Yi-Chen Kuo
Illustration: Chya Hsu
Design: HsiJen Liu  / Steve Huang /  Yi-Chen Kuo
Animation Lead:Steve Huang
Editing:HsiJen Liu  / Steve Huang
Animation:Steve Huang
Cel Animation:Binbin Lu
Painting:Hsuan-Nin Wang /  Yi-Ting Tang
Subtitle:Eating Tsai
Copy Director:Vicki Huang
Interviewee:Ad van Berlo / Chris Lee / Ed Bakos / Kashiwa Sato / Cheng-Neng Kuan / Xiao-Yi Lin / Tony K.M. Chang / Tieh-Chih Chang / Shikuan Chen
Music & Sound Design : Cheng-Yeh Han
Audio Mixing:Pixelfly Digital Sound