The life of Samantha no.1 - Samantha no.7
This is a collection I imagining the life of an sculpture called Samantha, what kind of life do they have and what kind of activities do they do in their free time when they are not standing
in the museums? 

so Samantha no.1 lives in the sea, fish is her best friend. she has an iphone, too, so she's not too lonely. 
Samantha no.2 plays tennis and african drum djembe, she also enjoy a time reading books while canoeing. 
Samantha no.3 perhaps the most hip girl among all of them. she skates, drinks a lot of coffees, play poker and keyboard with this attitude like " I don't care, I love it! " .
Samantha no.4 is the pink lady, she likes taking pictures when driving on the street, heat up food by microwave, love Taiwanese oolong tea and addicted to Facebook.

Ok, cool. I think I've tell you enough story, you can keep imagining now and special thanks to The Fruit Shop Chen Hsian-Jung and Boco Cheng.

-2015 season 1 END-